Jumbo Projects Introduces a Game Changer in the Heavy Lifting Industry

Jumbo has launched itself into new territory and has taken the lifting game to a new level. We are the only company in Africa to own two 160T/M knuckle boom cranes, one 210T/M knuckle boom crane and two 40T fixed boom cranes on local truck chassis.

Why? Because now we can travel legally over weigh bridges and tackle a 50T lift anywhere in and out the country.

We are not limited on site establishments! Our new generation cranes travel like any other truck on the road.

All of them are mine certified with slings and operators to suit.

The benefit is massive on establishment costs.

Jumbo Projects Specialises in Large Scale Construction Projects

Jumbo projects experience, niche equipment availability and skill sets put it in an exceptionally strong position to deliver on large scale construction projects.

Jumbo Projects has successfully delivered on some of Africa’s largest pipeline projects and power line projects supplying both equipment and skills to achieve target deadlines.

Jumbo Projects employs industry professionals and prides itself on excellent service.

We would welcome the opportunity to discuss your project requirements.